Shenley Village Cricket Club - GIVE & WIN 2017

Give & WIN 

A great way to win some useful spare cash and help fund your club in the process! 
Give & Win has been part of Shenley Village CC's fundraising for several years.   There have been hundreds of happy winners.

How does Give & Win work?

Couldn’t be easier!
 Club members, friends, family and even visitors to this site can elect to purchase a number which is entered into a monthly draw with all other entered numbers.
The first number drawn wins £50, the second drawn wins £15 and the third drawn, £10. 

How much does Give & Win cost?

£2 per number purchased, per monthly draw = a total of £24 for a year’s worth of entries.
 It's a very small price to pay - the odds on winning a prize are very good - and it’s a fun way for the club to raise valuable funds.  

How can I play Give & Win?

Simple.   You can download an entry form below.   Full entry instructions are on the form.
Or please contact Chris Stanley or any member of the committee and they will help you.
 There are two ways to play, You can either pay by monthly standing order or by cheque. 

So, go on then – what are you waiting for? Get entering your own personal lucky number or numbers - and look forward to receiving your first winner’s cheque.

Click below to download your Give & Win entry form

                                                                                   GIVE and WIN 2018.docx