Shenley Village Cricket Club News story

Couple of reminders

03 May 2022

Morning All,

A couple of quick reminders.

Firstly, as advised a couple of weeks ago, and following numerous requests from parents and members alike, we have made arrangements to have the bar open in the evenings during the week either for junior matches or during or after senior net practice. Am hearing the take up has been fairly poor so far, so please, as the evenings are starting to draw out, it would be great if more members and parents could make use of this facility.

Secondly, thank you again to the many of you that have either set up subscription direct debits or have paid their annual subscriptions in full. There are however still a substantial number that have not. We have amazing facilities for which we have just had to lay out the first of our not insubstantial rental payments. So please, if you could address your membership, it would be greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to seeing you all in the coming weeks,

Kind regards,